Summer Camp 2023
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All Hands Allston’s Summer Sessions are especially designed for children who love crafting projects and making art. We can be very flexible in our scheduling because our cohort size is small (no more than six children) and we do not share our space.
Mornings will usually start with an extended project lasting an hour and a half to two hours. Often this first part of the day will be spent doing woodworking. The morning may also include a short art activity or game before or after the long session. Late morning, around eleven o’clock, we will get ready and head to a neighborhood park about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the studio. The park we plan to most often use is quiet and shady. It offers open space, playground equipment and a sprinkler. At the park we’ll have a relaxed recess and lunch, including a chance to cool off in the water. Some days we may choose to go to different parks in the neighborhood. Upon returning to the studio everyone will have a chance to change into dry clothing and get ready for the afternoon. By about 12:30 we’ll start the afternoon art making. Most afternoons will be broken into two or more project sessions. Depending on the week’s theme, projects could include printmaking, sculpting with found and recycled objects, painting, book making, weaving, felting, sewing, dying, mixing slime, making stop action animations and many other possibilities. In the middle of the afternoon we’ll take a brief popsicle break. At about 3:15 everyone will help clean up and get ready for pick up time at 3:30. On Friday afternoons parents and guardians are invited to arrive twenty minutes early, at 3:10pm, to enjoy a display of everyone’s artwork!
Camp is $510.00 per week - all materials are included.

Summer Camp Sessions 2023

Monday - Friday                   9:00am - 3:30pm

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July 10 - July 14                  ages 8-14

Pirates and Mermaids
Every camper will build a wooden treasure chest of their own design. Many items will be made to fill the chests such as pirate hats, mermaid jewelry and treasure maps. Each camper will also create a magical under the ocean world filled with items such as sunken ships, mermaids, sharks and sea monsters. Underwater themed projects will include painting, drawing and sculpting in a variety of materials.
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July 17 - July 21                 ages 5-9

Elephants and Acrobats
Our imaginations will run away with the circus! Using wood, paint and all sorts of art materials including recyclables and natural objects, campers will bring the big top to life. Campers will make acrobats that can do flips and beautiful performing animals decorated with glitter and sequins.

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July 24 – July 28                 ages 6-10

Wizards and Magical Creatures 
Campers will make magic boxes, wizarding wands, and creatures with magical powers. This week we will mix slime and other magical potions. We’ll build in wood, craft in all sorts of art materials, create using recyclables and natural objects, and of course paint, paint, paint!
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July 31 – August 4              ages 8-12

Astronauts and Aliens
Is the universe of your imagination filled with battling aliens or dancing space fairies? This week we will blast off rockets, make alien space ships and discover what, we imagine, the rings of Saturn are really made of. In woodworking we will make space themed wooden lamps. Campers will paint, build and create using all sorts of art materials, recyclables and whatever natural objects the universe bestows on us.
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August 7 - August 11           ages 4-7

Messy Morning and Artful Afternoons
This session is a  mix of art, science and fun projects! Make wild animals or ‘things that go’ in woodworking, mix slime and other potions, paint with shaving cream or spray bottles and make amazing creations using a variety of art, recycled and natural materials. Each day will include experimenting with a wide variety of art materials and techniques, always asking the question “What happens if?”.
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